Our history

Body Connect is an IoT technology company founded by Laurent Fort in 2014. An expert in high-precision health analysis, Body Connect operates in the sector of designing, manufacturing and marketing connected objects and clothing for sports and health. Six years ago, it was while watching his son play a sports coaching game on his computer that Laurent Fort had the idea of developing his tool for monitoring the real-time cardiac performance of athletes.

After 6 years of research and development, the Body Connect team has developed the very first clicshirt incorporating a heart and physical activity monitoring system, initially intended for athletes and whose measurement accuracy is equivalent to that obtained with an electrocardiogram. The initial feedback from the development of the prototypes and the enthusiastic feedback from the professionals in the target markets to whom they were presented are extremely positive.

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Our Mission

Our technology lies at the crossroads of sports, health and IoT. Our fields of application are extremely diversified and are based around three priority markets: individual sport, collective sport and health. BodyConnect wishes to be permanently anchored in the societal trends of the French people's lives.

Individual sports

Activities such as running, cycling or fitness are currently recruiting massive numbers of new, rather young and connected followers: a trend amplified by very active influencers on social networks. Amateur athletes as well as competitors now want to obtain a maximum of indicators on the functioning of their body before, during and after the effort. It is for them to measure their evolution, but also to ensure their good health especially when they advance in age.

The adoption of a healthier lifestyle is becoming widespread, in which sport finds its place. Confinement has further increased this craze for the preservation of one's health.

Team sports

Our expertise in this market is essential for Body Connect. Our technology is being tested in high-level sports and will allow us to gain immediate credibility with the general public. A specific application allowing the simultaneous monitoring of an entire team (soccer, rugby, handball, basketball...) is currently being developed.


Telemedicine, and more specifically remote monitoring, is our third market for Body Connect. Thus, a doctor will be able to, thanks to the data transmitted by Body Connect:

  • Very regularly monitor his patient remotely;
  • Be alerted to any abnormality and remotely trigger the appropriate measures;
  • Evaluate any major risk in relation to the pathology being monitored Trigger a preventive intervention with what this means in terms of lesser consequences for the patient as much as for treatment costs. As an example, respiratory failure alone represents in France an annual cost of more than 1.6 billion euros!"

The fields of application of remote monitoring in health are vast: sleep apnea, sudden infant death syndrome, but also diabetes, obesity...