Tee-shirt connected Man + CardioPod

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Pack to control your heart and body in real time including a high tech t-shirt with Sensitive® Sculpt Light fiber compression, breathable and washable + a removable cardiobox + a free mobile coach app.

Be free of your movements and enjoy an ultra-precise simultaneous monitoring of your training and your health.

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Made in France Technologie Suisse
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Le docteur Cassan de la Croix Rouge vous donne des explications sur les bénéfices santé de votre clicshirt. Découvrez son Interview ici

La supériorité technologique Clicshirt intégrée dans une fibre high tech compressive Sensitive® Sculpt Light respirant et lavable avec électrodes intégrées au tissu ultra performantes intégrant un cardiobox amovible (à ne pas mettre à laver) et bien sûr une application mobile avec des visualisations cardio et sportives haute précision (ECG, BPM, FC Max, VO2 Max, Intervalle R-R, vitesse, distance, carte parcours, allure, record personnel, dénivelé, détecteur de chutes).

Soyez libre de vos mouvements et profitez d'un suivi ultra précis simultané de vos entraînements et de votre état de santé pour des performances augmentées.

Visualisez votre électrocardiogramme (ECG) en temps réel et pas uniquement votre pouls, c'était impossible avant Clicshirt!

Ils utilisent Clicshirt

Yohann Le Berre

Triathlète - Champion d’europe et vice-champion du monde de duathlon

Romain Guillaume

Triathlète professionnel et vainqueur de 3 Ironman

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High precision IoT platform:

This set of data is collected using MEMS sensors, textile electrodes, a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope which allows us to convert the analog waves into digital values for data processing. The DAS and DAQ allows us to circulate the waves in order to obtain the acquisition of measurements.

Communication is established by Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth low consumption) which allows us in real time with low consumption to transmit all the information necessary to optimize your performance. All the extracted parameters (RR, HR, HRV, Posture, activity classification, running speed, distance covered, energy spent and number of shocks) are available in real time.Embedded algorithms process these data using DLL (Dynamic link librairy) before redirecting them to our Clicshirt application.With our real-time ECG, we can monitor heart rhythm disorders using electrodes by collecting 250 samples per second.

Fibres high tech Sensitive® Sculpt Light ultra respirantes :

In collaboration with NTT, our world-renowned textile partner, we have designed an ultra-compressive performance-optimizing textile made of elastomer and elastane with electrodes integrated into the fiber and sensors that establish a removable link between the T-shirt and the cardiobox. It is an ultra-breathable technical and compressive garment with electrodes integrated into the textile. This innovative technical fabric for tight-fitting garments does not constrain the body and follows its natural lines, enhancing any body type. Resistant but light, it is designed for maximum comfort with an incredibly soft touch. For a perfect silhouette with a pleasant feeling of well-being. It allows a better muscular recovery and blood circulation

Sensors establish an electrical connection with the cardiopod, thanks to the electrodes placed on each side of the chest.

Cardiopod: a unique concentrate of technologies

Coupled with a mobile application and the cardiopod (datalogger) clipped on the T-shirt, this technological package is based on exclusive Swiss engineering and delivers a level of precision never before achieved on the connected sports and IoT market. Clicshirt thus simultaneously offers the following features:

  • Real-time ECG
  • Heart rate, HRM
  • Real-time activity, speed and impact
  • Training management and report
  • Heart problem alert
  • Course visualization
  • BMI Calculation, VO2 Max
  • Recovery rate
  • Participation in the Body Connect social network

These data are acquired and transmitted in real time, in a completely secure manner. Our technology achieves the feat of presenting optimal ergonomics. The use of nanotechnology and ultra-light technical textiles, allows us to obtain an extremely comfortable T-shirt that does not cause any discomfort during movement. Moreover, it weighs only 12 grams, which makes it compatible with intensive sports practice. Hand washable, it proves to be very practical in everyday life.